The impact of CAD / CAM on the practice is enormous. This saves you time and allows you to receive additional patients or arrange your schedules. GROW your practice: Expand your offerings and increase your margins with new treatment options.


Digital impression taking gives you a great treatment experience with realistic, fast, and accurate color footprints. Any complex prosthetic project now becomes a pleasure for you and your patient. Your satisfaction is our strength. PROVIDE patients with a great treatment experience with realistic, fast and accurate color footprints

Digital technology makes it possible to evaluate the clinical situation with consistency and predictability during complex implant treatments. It gives you the tools to achieve aesthetic and predictable results by planning treatment based on the prosthetic project. We are committed to always being at the forefront of technology. All of our equipment allows us to collaborate with you by putting the focus of our work: speed, precision, quality and confidence. Our working methodology is simple: you just have to send us your fingerprint files and we then make the prostheses without models.

Digital impression taking :
sending the STL file from the dentist to the laboratory on our e-mail
File management
in the laboratory
of CAD reinforcement
3D printing
of the model
of titanium, zirconia or Cobalt Chrome frame
Finalization of the prosthesist
on the model printed by our craftsmen
Sending a courier
work done

Sending the STL file from the dentist to the ARIEL laboratory on the mail:

Just send us your fingerprint files and we will make these prostheses without model in 48 hours.


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